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‘Fraud’ is not one single punishable act. It is a generic term for a variety of actions such as forgery, swindling, bribery, money-laundering, failure to report unusual transactions and insider trading. Violating permit conditions a company should comply with under economic rules and regulations, can also qualify as fraud.

Our specialists handle such (often major) ‘fraud cases’ on a daily basis, both for the people and companies under suspicion and for companies that have fallen victim to internal fraud by an employee.

Investigating officers and the Examining Magistrate have far-reaching  and substantial investigatory powers in these kinds of cases. See also ‘Criminal tax law’.

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    Specialised services are engaged in the investigation of ‘frauds’, such as the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (‘FIOD’), the Social Information and Investigation Service (‘SIOD’) or the Authority for the Financial Markets (‘AFM’). By the time you notice anything going on, they have often already spent a long time preparing their case. Never underestimate their actions.

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    Are investigating officers ringing your doorbell? Consult a specialised criminal lawyer immediately.

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    Do not make any statements whatsoever before consulting your lawyer. Do not consent to seizure of any object or document.

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    In the Netherlands, prolonged pre-trial detention is a possibility. However, do not be tempted to make a statement in order to get home ‘soon’.

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