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International sanctions

Sanctions are international measures taken against a country, organisation or person. In recent years, an increasing number of criminal investigations have been launched into possible violations of international sanctions by Dutch companies. European regulations and the Sanctions Act 1977 play a central role in this.

Investigations into alleged violations of international sanctions are often characterised by complex legal issues. Moreover, the penalties that can be imposed in such cases are very high. Assistance by a specialised lawyer is therefore of great importance. With us, you will find those specialists.

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    Sanctions regulations – because of their layered nature, the use of vague terminology and frequent regulatory changes – are complex matters. So be well informed about it by a specialised lawyer.

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    Customs’ Precursors, Origin, Strategic Goods, Sanctions Legislation (POSS) team monitors compliance with sanctions regulations. If the POSS team considers a criminal investigation desirable or necessary in the event of irregularities, it coordinates with the Public Prosecution Service. The Public Prosecutor decides who will conduct the criminal investigation, the FIOD or the POSS team. Information that becomes known to the POSS team may also be included in a (later) criminal investigation.

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    If visited by the POSS team, remain calm, engage a lawyer as soon as possible and wait to make any statement until you have had a chance to consult with your lawyer. Do not voluntarily consent to the seizure of any object or document.

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