Hans de Jong

Hans de Jong (admitted to the Bar in 1998) joined our firm in April 2000, working from our offices in Rotterdam. He made partner on 1st January, 2006. He mainly handles economic and criminal tax law cases, including Customs fraud and Car and Motorised Vehicle Tax cases. He counsels many companies in the Europoort area (Mainport Rotterdam) during criminal and administrative legal investigations in environmental, health & safety and incident cases. He designs made to measure corporate procedures on how to deal with the relevant authorities. Hans maps out criminal liabilities, including those of corporate management. In addition, he traditionally handles road traffic cases, especially where professional drivers are accused of involuntary manslaughter, as well as cases involving DUI and speeding.

Mr. De Jong has been the Criminal Law portfolio manager at the Supervisory Board of the Rotterdam Bar Assocation. He is also a member of the Dutch Association of Defence Counsel, the Rotterdam Port Assocation and Deltalinqs, which represents the common interests of all the logistical and industrial companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area.

Education and career

Hans graduated in criminal law from Tilburg University. He joined our firm in April 2000 and made partner on 1st January, 2006. He works from our offices in Rotterdam.

Before he joined our firm, he was a criminal lawyer at the Legal Aid Office in Rotterdam. Hans held various extracurricular positions, with, a/o, Slachtofferhulp (victim support organisation), the Supervisory Committee of a penitentiary and he was Chairman of the Coornhert Liga. He has various criminal law publications to his name.


Dutch, English and French

Member of

  • Supervisory Board of the Rotterdam Bar Association
  • Rotterdam Port Association
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Strafrechtadvocaten (, Dutch Association of Defence Counsel)
  • Deltalinqs (


H.W.A.A. de Jong

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