Medical criminal law

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Physicians, hospitals, other health care facilities, nursing staff: they are all under the supervision of the Health Care Inspectorate (‘IGJ’).

But the judicial authorities too, monitor the medical world – in case of complications, sudden death of a patient or other unexpected consequences of medical intervention, a criminal investigation may follow, led by the Medical Public Prosecutor (Expertise Team Medical Cases). The physician or other care provider concerned may be asked to surrender medical files or to cooperate in a police or court interview. This raises complex questions about  professional confidentiality and legal privilege.

The consequences of not giving the proper medical care may be far-reaching. Of course, not only for the patient but also for the care provider in question and his/her employer. The consequences of inadequate representation in criminal proceedings can be just as far-reaching.

The lawyers at Sjöcrona • van Stigt have extensive experience in these kinds of proceedings and provide specialised legal assistance to both individual physicians and other care providers, and to hospitals and other care facilities.


Medical criminal law Brochure (Dutch)


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