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ICLG BC 2021 Netherlands

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ICLG - Business Crime 2021

Sabine ten Doesschate and Pasqualle Uijtdewillegen contributed to 'The International Comparitive Legal Guide to: Business crime'.

This contribution can be consulted here.

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De laatste editie van TS&O staat in het teken van ‘zelfonderzoek’. Verder verzorgden Floris Dudok van Heel en Sophie Stevens voor deze editie wederom de bijdragen voor de actualiteitenrubrieken 'Economisch strafrecht - Arbeidsomstandigheden' en ‘Economisch strafrecht – Milieu’. Enide Perez en Linda van der Hut zijn als redactielid betrokken bij TS&O.



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De tweede editie van het Tijdschrift voor Sanctierecht & Onderneming van 2020 is verschenen! Daarin is onder meer een annotatie gepubliceerd die Floris Dudok van Heel schreef bij een vonnis van de Rechtbank Overijssel in een arbeidsomstandighedenzaak.


Annotatie bij Rechtbank Overijssel 4 mei 2020, ECLI:NL:RBOVE:2020:1668.

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Cursus Vermogensdelicten

De tot juni 2020 geactualiseerde versie van de cursus ‘Vermogensdelicten deel 1. Verduistering, valsheid in geschrift en oplichting’, geschreven door onder meer Linda van der Hut, is verschenen. De cursus is verkrijgbaar via JurisDidact: https://www.jurisdidact.nl/cursusaanbod/vermogensdelicten-deel-1-verduistering-valsheid-in-geschrifte-en-oplichting/.

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Topicalities in Criminal Law

Register now for a course on Topicalities in Criminal Law in the form of a webinar for Lexlumen educational institute, presented by Linda Van der Hut.


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Enide Perez and Floris Dudok van Heel wrote the Netherlands Chapter for Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy 2020, a publication of Lexology Getting The Deal Through.

E.Z. Perez and F.A. Dudok van Heel: Netherlands Chapter, Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy 2020.(Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in May, 2020. For further information please contact editorial@gettingthedealthrough.com.)

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visual material in criminal matters

Caroline de Sitter contributed to a study regarding the use of visual material in criminal law matters. This study was carried out by order of the programme Politie en Wetenschap of the Politieonderwijsraad ('Police and Science of the Police Education Council'). The results of the study can be found here.

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Lezing over het Catalaanse proces

Op 19 maart 2020 zal onze kantoorgenoot Boudewijn van Eijck in Barcelona op uitnodiging van de Nederlandse Business Club Barcelona, De Kring, een lezing houden over het Catalaanse proces. Aanleiding hiervoor vormde het essay dat mr. Van Eijck hierover schreef.

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Sanctions Law & Company magazine 2019-5/6 published!

The last edition of 2019 has been publised. In this edition Floris Dudok van Heel and Bo Pouw wrote the current affairs section 'Economic criminal law - Working Conditions' and the current affairs section 'Economic criminal law - Environment'. Enide Perez and Linda van der Hut are both editors of the magazine.


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Meesterweek 2020

Just as last year, our office welcomed an enthusiastic group of law students interested in our criminal law practice as part of the Meesterweek (https://jfr.nl/meesterweek/) on February 18th. Floris Dudok van Heel and Bo Pouw organized an interactive workshop at our The Hague office, thus giving the students a glimpse behind the scenes of our office’s law practice.

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Opinion in the NJB

Together with Gerard Spong, Thijs Kelder wrote an opinion in connection with two recent judgments by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. The Nederlands Juristenblad published the opinion in its sixth edition of 2020, Nederlands Juristenblad 2020/357, ed. 6.

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VCAS Congress

The annual congress of the Association of Cassation Lawyers in Criminal Law Cases (VCAS), of which Thijs Kelder and Linda van der Hut are both members, will take place on 6 February 2020. Prominent academic lawyers will hold lectures, amongst whom are M.J. Borgers, Justice of the Supreme Court, and D.J.C. Aben, Advocate General of the Supreme Court. Apart from that, various workshops will be given, amongst others by Thijs Kelder.

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Toplicalities Criminal Law

Linda van der Hut is to teach a course on Topicalities in Criminal Law in the form of a webinar for Lexlumen educational institute. Lexlumen is an organizer of high-quality congresses and courses for, a/o, lawyers, notaries public and tax consultants.

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Our new colleague

Stefan Groot joined our firm as a legal assistant on February 3rd, 2020. He will work from our Rotterdam office. Before this, Stefan worked as a court clerk and as a legal assistant of the criminal law section of the court.

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Defense team MH-17 inquiry

One of the suspects in the MH-17 case will be defended by an international defense team, consisting of two Dutch lawyers and one Russian lawyer:  Boudewijn van Eijck and Sabine ten Doesschate from our firm, and Elena Kutina (Russian) from Moscow Bar Association Kovler and Partners.

In a Dutch magazine, the ‘Advocatenblad’, an interview with mr. Van Eijck and ms. Ten Doesschate can be found, advocatenblad.nl.

For further enquiries you are referred to Martin van Putten from Headline Communications, +31 (0)6 55836936 / headline.mvanputten@gmail.com.

See also MH17 Trial

Jonge Balie bestuur

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Sophie Stevens committee member Junior Bar

At the general membership meeting on 10 October 2019 our colleague Sophie Stevens (centre) was appointed committee member of the Junior Bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands: the association of (young) lawyers in the court district of The Hague. She will act as internal secretary in the coming year.

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Rebels rightfully convicted?

Democratic values and standards limit the political battle.

Catalan rebels rightfully convicted in struggle for independence?
Essay by Boudewijn van Eijck, NJB/2020/127, afl. 2 

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Article in Delikt en Delinkwent

Thijs Kelder published a new article in connection with his contribution to the farewell symposium of the Vice-President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.
Selectie in cassatie in strafzaken. Enkele gedachten over de toekomst van de selectie vóór de poort', Delikt en Delinkwent 2019/34.

Martine pleitwedstrijden 2

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Pleading contest

On 17 May 2019 our colleague Martine Luijten won the annual pleading contest of the Rotterdam Junior Bar! The jury was impressed by the strong content of her arguments and her convincing manner of pleading. Martine then received the challenge cup from the hands of the jury as well as a voucher to have her very own gown made.