Cassation appeals – litigation before the supreme court

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You are unhappy with the Court of Appeal’s ruling on your case? You want to appeal against a decision on a notice of objection, or against a court ruling on an extradition request by a foreign judicial authority? Usually, you can present such decisions to the Supreme Court. But you will need a lawyer to do so.

Sjöcrona • van Stigt has four specialised cassation lawyers, with extensive and successful experience in Supreme Court litigation.

Not only do we handle all cassation appeals for our clients, we are also hired by other lawyers nationwide. And our cassation specialists handle cases for clients from Aruba, Curacao and Saint Martin, because in criminal cases in these countries too, the Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority.

If the Supreme Court agrees with you and your lawyer, they will reverse the lower court’s ruling. Generally, this means said lower court will have to do your case all over again. Sometimes, the Supreme Court amends the ruling, in which case there will be no need to ‘go a second round’. Only in extradition cases can the Supreme Court, having reversed the contended ruling, carry out its own investigation in court.

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