Human rights (European court of human rights)

Where there is a criminal aspect, ‘human rights’ involve:
  • the right to be tried without reasonable delay
  • the right to a fair trial by an impartial court
  • the right to timely access to case documents
  • the right to examine witnesses
  • the right to protection of privacy
Have your human rights been violated? Do you wish to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg? Our specialists can help you.

In order to bring your case before the ECHR, it must meet two conditions:

  • Firstly: the alleged violation of your human rights allegation must have been part of your defence in the Dutch criminal case. Your first complaint about a violation cannot be before the ECHR.
  • Secondly: the human rights defence must have been argued before and rejected by even the highest court (that is, the Supreme Court) in the Netherlands. The exception to this rule is a situation in which, given established national case-law, the defence stands no chance on appeal. Our lawyers can advise you further.